At a school where the Board of Trustees unanimously voted to admit members of the “non-white” 比赛s on May 7, 1963 – just days after the televising of fire hoses and police dogs being unleashed on segregation protesters in Birmingham, 阿拉巴马州, and more than a year before the Civil Rights Act passed – we acknowledge that our community must not just be welcoming but also a leader in the discussions about 包容 and equality. It should come as no surprise then that Academy was the first school in Central Ohio to hire a full-time director of diversity and community life.

彼此的归属很凌乱, hard work and asks of us to act with the generosity of spirit and sense of shared success which can only exist in a community that views its relationships with a kind of sacredness. The character with which we treat others anchors us in our independent school’s mission and in the most transformative aspects of our education.”

——Melissa Soderberg,校长

“品格”不能用成绩或考试分数来量化, 然而,它是任何严肃教育的核心. 在学院, 我们在课堂上学习伦理和道德, 在我们的运动场上实践公平和良好的体育精神, 在所有年级都强调为他人服务. 我们的老师, 员工和教练都接受了“道德素养”培训,” and we have formal character-building programs woven into our curriculum at every grade level.

一个例子是所有二年级学生的必修课程“道德与社区” 蒂姆候选人名单, who has coordinated the school’s efforts in pursuing the goals of Academy’s 道德 and Character program since 2010. Upon finding a lack of strong resources aimed specifically at adolescents, he researched and wrote 伦理与身份, which takes the complexities of teenage life seriously and focuses specifically on moral identity development while acknowledging the powerful psychological forces that often get in the way of good decision-making like implicit associations and the confirmation bias.

然而,当我们教授伦理和道德的大概念时, 它是小的, 塑造我们文化的日常行为. 学生与客人握手表示欢迎. 一位高年级学生扶着他5岁的小伙伴去上课. 一群中学女生热情地拥抱一位新生. 我们的老师 and staff are exemplars of good character who seize on ethical teaching moments as they happen. 我们要求我们的孩子问自己: 我该如何承认自己的错误? 我能做些什么让别人过得更好? 我今天做到最好了吗? 在我们的社区里,学生们以身作则. 他们通过看到我们学校文化中性格的教训而内化了这些教训, 每一天.

Our Kids 4 Kids program is a schoolwide service-learning project every fall that involves our entire community in collecting food, 衣服, toys and everyday household materials for families in need through the Childhood League Center. 在学年的早期, our upper-schoolers spend a Service Day getting involved in the community via 30 different local agencies and centers that provide important services to those less fortunate. 校园里也有献血活动, 为此,我们的高中获得了2017年生活分享挑战一等奖, 还有很多其他让学生产生影响的机会. 对于那些对陶瓷感兴趣的人, an annual Empty Bowls event is held at Otterbein University featuring bowls created by Academy students to help raise funds for the Westerville Habitat Partnership. 所有这些努力都由一个学生组织协调 服务委员会是学院最大的组织.

我只想感谢外围十大博彩app的每一个人. Our older two sons are in college and the youngest three are 5 and under so we pinch pennies! 我对这件事感到非常惊讶. 我们现在为三个小家伙准备了冬装,圣诞节有了一个美好的开始. 我有一大堆谜题,这正是我想要的. 那天我哭了,因为我不确定我们要如何度过圣诞节, 现在我知道一切都会好起来的. 再次感谢大家!”


在学院,我们把标准定得很高. 我们希望我们的学生正直, 内在品质与外在行为相匹配, 并拥有道德勇气, 他们在哪里坚守原则,捍卫他人. We want them to be intentional, to have generosity of spirit and to value people and relationships. 我们希望他们成为那种即使没人看着也会做正确事情的人.

We also want to provide them with opportunities to stretch themselves in ways that may not happen in classrooms, 所以我们推出了一项新的实习计划. In addition to providing our older students with a database of summertime enrichment options, 实习主任 詹妮弗•孔蒂 is working to connect upper-schoolers with mentorship opportunities in partnership with both local organizations and domestic/international programming.

通过实习, 指导机会和外部暑期丰富经验, 外围十大博彩app的学生从事解决问题的有意义的努力, critical thinking and leadership opportunities that not only cultivate their own interests but also deepen connections, 当地社区的伙伴关系和参与.

The end result of all these efforts is that our graduates go on to the colleges of their choice and emerge from childhood with one of the best educations in America. But they take more than their diploma and their memories with them: they take dignity and graciousness, 开放和坦率, 自信和谦逊. In their hearts, minds and actions, they are shining examples of what “character” at Academy means.